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Today at Woodwater Farmhouse, I am sharing with you another company that I feel you should know about.  

I first learned about Finding Home Farms on Instagram. Little did I know, Laura, one of the owners of Finding Home Farms, lives local to me, in the Hudson Valley of New York. 

You can read all about Laura and her lovely family at her blog about page. 

 I immediately knew that I had to try their products in my home. I have grown to love their products (shop), Laura's sense of style and her blog. 

Can we just stop now and talk about their packaging first.  It speaks to you before even trying the products. Simple, organic and calming.  Isn't it just darling with the little dove.

sigh....insert smile

I love her blog tagline - Gather Create Connect - that says it all, there in three little words. YOU already know before going forward that you are in for a special treat. 

I am only going to speak to a few of their many products because these are what we use in our home with our family. 


All of their maple syrup is 100% pure and made in the Hudson Valley of NY. They are certified organic.

YUP, made right here where I live...of course I am using this scrumptious product.  Not only do we use their syrup on the obvious, pancakes, french toast etc. but we used it in other cooking (and if I am correct Laura has some recipes on her blog using their syrup too). Recently I used it in my mashed sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner - total yumfest.  
You can buy it directly from Finding Home Farms at their site here
 (don't be jealous but I can buy it locally all I want, all the time...hehe)

Check out the other yummy products while you are there.
(great stocking stuffers or gift for a neighbor or teacher)

Okay, on to another product from Finding Home Farms that I LOVEEEEE and use everyday!

Can't Won't live without their Soy Candles. 


All of their soy candles are made of 100% soy wax and the materials and containers are sourced and made in the USA. Each scent is available in two sizes. The 19 oz. candle has a burn time of 125-135 hours and the 7.5 oz. candle has a burn time of 44-55 hours.

I currently have 2 in the house that are open, alternating their burning.  Mistletoe and Nutmeg (I think both are seasonal scents). Mistletoe smells like Christmas! The Nutmeg smells like I have been baking all day. (warning, Nutmeg makes you hungry so have baked goods on hand).

THEY ARE TO DIE FOR! (well not really) but your house will smell sooo good...We have a very large family room with 20 foot ceilings and not even Yankee candles  other brands hold a flame to these soy candles. (pun intended)..

If you are interested in ordering from Finding Home Farms then I encourage you to do so quickly. I believe the cut off in time for Christmas ordering is the 16th!  


As a special treat, Laura also has these darling FREE printable gift tags for you over at her blog.  Hurry and download so you can use them this month!

Today's Shining the Spotlight - Finding Home Farms was not a sponsored post. It was all my own opinion, pictures and 100% honesty from my heart. These are products used in our home with family and I recommend them!  

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Finding Home said…
Thank you so much for your sweet words and encouragement - it means so much to us!!! Wishing you the very best this holiday season!

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