Woodwater Farmhouse Christmas - a peek inside

Hi friends - we are relaxing a little here at the farmhouse this week.  Thanksgiving week and weekend was FULL of family and friends and food!  It's time to get back on that workout wagon and eating better!  

While I had a few minutes, I thought I would share just a glimpse into some of our Christmas decor this year. Moving into a new house this summer was exciting, in and of itself,  but when it came to decorating for the holidays, I was giddy with excitement!

I dug all the moving boxes labeled Christmas out of the attic (seems like we JUST put them in there) and made piles of what I would be using and what would make it's way back in to the attic. 

Something I was determined to do was use the natural elements we have right here, on the almost 10 acre property, to create some Christmas decor. 

I made a handful of these swags and scattered them around the porch. With the hundreds of evergreen trees at the house, it was easy to find the supplies. 

This nutcracker is one of my favorite pieces. Although you can't really tell his height by this picture, he stands tall and proud to be the keeper of the porch.

What is it about nutcrackers that we love so much? Do people really use them to crack nuts anymore?

While we so enjoyed the pool this summer there is just something about sitting on the front porch in the fall with a cup of tea that makes life easy like a Sunday morning. Even though it gets real cold overnight and in the morning, the day still seems to be heating up enough to sit outside on the porch and enjoy the sun on your face.  I haven't put away the outdoor furniture just yet. 

A trend I see this year (and probably most years) are signs! Signs signs everywhere a signs...This little beauty is a new addition to our decor this year. This fun sign sits on our side porch directing visitors around to the front entrance

Once inside the front door you will be greeted by our Farmhouse Innkeeper nutcracker. Decked out in his flannel shirt and lantern. One of my new favorite nutcrackers this year!

{soapbox interruption} What is it about "seeing" inside someone's home and how they decorate that intrigues a lot of us?  Is it to get ideas?  Might it be to compare ourselves to others?  I sure hope it's because you love to get ideas for your home and duplicate them.  The comparing game will only lead to defeat, no go...don't go there. Stepping down off the soapbox now...on with the pictures...

Do you have an artificial or real tree?  We do both. One of our 8 Christmas Trees is behind this fun sign. This tree is on our 2nd floor by our library. Its a space that is not used for much and remains empty. Putting a tree here was an idea from minute one of moving in. We call it the Farmhouse Tree. Minimum decor and lots of white lights. (more trees to come in another post!)

As always, I set up a hot beverage bar for the family that stays up all winter just changing out the little themed knick knacks here and there.  The car and truck theme with the tree is SO popular this year, wouldn't you agree Target. hehehe 

The last thing I wanted to share, for now, is this new wreath. One of my favorite pieces this year hangs on another outside door. It's an all natural wreath made by me!  My mother and I recently attended a Makers Market in our town and this was one of the fun crafts available to make. I love how it turned out! 

Well there you have it just a glimpse into the Christmas fun here at Woodwater Farmhouse.

I hope you find you and yours well and ready for the holidays! 

Until next time - be blessed!

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