Farmhouse Friday

Happy 2017 Friends!

Holidays were exciting, tiresome and happy over here at the farmhouse.  We hosted many friends and family...ate way too many calories....opened up so many lovely gifts and made a lot of memories! 

Good friends and cousins join in the fun!

The sunrises have been beautiful although the sun has not stayed out past the sunrise for long 8(  Lots of rain and wind. 

We are waiting patiently for snow to arrive. The weather has been crazy day warm and then next below freezing. 
 We lost 2 of our catfish in our pond 8(  but their purpose lives on in our garden!  Great nutrients for the soil. 

Having some fun with my new phone - Galaxy 7  the picture quality is great!  Oh yes that spider was in our he is free to roam the mountainside. 

I got to see my new grand baby over the holidays. She is such a blessing to the family. Lots of games, family pictures and working on our game room/movie room in the basement!  Loving all the Star Wars action happening!

We had a slow start back this week to school.  Only a few days in and our littlest, Sammie, came down with a stomach bug and fever. We have been learning about penguins and Antartica this past week. Nursing back to health our littest one.  Baking, eating...exercising...not in that order..hehe

We hosted NYE Family party and it was a fun time for sure! 

This weekend - martial arts and taking the rest of our Christmas trees down and decorations. 

Things I am crushing on this week!

Learning how to Hand Letter - on my goal list for this year to learn how to hand letter. 

We are also in the first stages of designing our new kitchen. Here is a glimpse at my Pinterest Page if you are interested in our style. 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  Be Blessed!

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Nita said…
What a busy time for you all! And hosting parties. Recovering from the holiday fan fair takes us an entire month.
Tristan said…
What a sweet holiday and start back to school. Penguins are such a fun topic! Praying your little ones are feeling better soon.
Jenni Ryan said…
Sounds like you had an amazing holiday time!

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