Farmhouse Friday

Happy Friday Friends! 

Finishing up the last full week of January. Winter has come to visit this week after having a warm weekend last weekend.  

Last Friday:  
  • We all watched the Presidential Inauguration with Bubby. (this was school for the day)
  • We played Scrabble and UNO while we watched the new President being sworn in.  
  • Lots of sunshine last weekend...we got out and of course Lilly got out too!
  • Lots of reading too!

Back on my good eating plan. So far so good!  I also put wine on a hiatus until further notice. I realized that I was really working out hard only to drink the calories later at night, going no where fast! 

We finally finished our dart board and have been teaching the children how to play.  The game room side of the basement is coming together nicely!

Monday night 3 inches of snow fell on top of an inch of ice. Hubby worked from home that day.  Kids were able to get out and go sledding for a while. 

Snap Circuits for the afternoon were in order on Tuesday also! 

Last weekend we also had Barn Night at a friend's garage/barn.  As you can see Lilly made herself right at home in front of the wood stove.  We played games and at yummy pizza. The kids even got outside to play at night.

We also had my mother in law over last Sunday for the playoffs!  Really hoping Atlanta wins next weekend! 

 For school this week: 

We were finishing up some lose ends of projects we started in the beginning of the year. 

The girls are also working on their SPACE project for the library presentation next Friday. 

We had the "fireplace" guy here Thursday night to give us an estimate on replacing the existing fireplace in the house (not efficient and not working property). That will to be put on the back burner (pun intended) as the cost was not in our budget right now.  

What's UP for the weekend: 

Martial design at LOWES....50th birthday party for a gal as always...

Hope your weekend is awesome!  

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Dawn Rebekah said…
Looks like a great week. The snow is lovely ~ not so much on the ice. Have a blessed weekend.
Blessings, Dawn
Tristan said…
That sounds like a wonderful week! The picture of the dog is so funny. I would do the same thing, get close to the fire to stay warm.
Even though I checked and rechecked the presidential inauguration stream through the morning, all of a sudden it was afternoon, and I realized we'd forgotten to watch! Crazy!

We had snow on top of ice a few weeks ago and were trapped at home, too. I love being trapped at home. :)

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