Farmhouse Friday

It's Friday and a fun Friday indeed!  We always have fun Friday here at our homeschool.  Games, treats and sometimes out to lunch!

Today the girls have presentations at the local library and friends are coming over after for space cakes (Space is the theme for the presentations).  Should be fun! (watch IG for details)

Last weekend was cold but sunny and I had all my children, my mom, DIL and grandbaby girl here for the day after church. Dogs included.  We played games, ate yummy happy hour type food and enjoyed each others company.  LOVE DAYS like that. 

Working on eating healthy and getting back to my better habits! 

Planning out's My Birthday Month!  Turning 49 years young towards the end of the month.  Last year in my 40's...keeping a "grateful" journal of sorts in IG with postings each day of what I am grateful for. 

It's been a sad week in the homeschooling community. With an "on line" friend losing her son. A Go Fund Me account has been set up to help them off set the costs of burial.  You can find out more at Christy's You Tube page.  Pleased pray for them. 

Keeping busy with our Chalk Pastel projects and Art for Kids.  

The weather has been snowy but sunny, which is fine with me but with six more weeks of winter, uncertain what that will mean for us. The kids have not been skiing yet!! 

Up for the weekend:

Today - Library presentations, Church tonight for the girls and me and the hubby taking Zachary out to dinner. 

Saturday - SHREK the musical is playing at a local middle school and we have friends who are starring in it so we will be going to support them.  Going to be prepping a lot for food for Sunday!

Sunday - church and then SUPERBOWL 51!  We are having a party (of course) and we will be praying Atlanta takes the trophy!

Enjoy your weekend and be blessed!

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Jennifer said…
Looks like a full week. There's going to be a lot of food prepared and eaten this weekend. Your strawberries look divine.

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