Farmhouse Friday

Happy snowy Friday from New York!  WOW did we get slammed yesterday with little over a foot of snow. Thankful that hubster can work from home on days like that. 

  It was beautiful to watch it fall and the kids got out for a little while to play but sledding was tough. It was a light powdery snow, hard to make trails.  The dog LOVES the snow. I posted a few videos on IG of her prancing around. 

Last Friday the girls presented their SPACE projects at the monthly Homeschool presentation day at our library. There were six children who presented. 

 Sammie did her report on Astronaut Food and the history of it. Molly did hers on animals that have gone into space.  Both did well and set the bar high for future presentations!

Next month's topic is HUMAN BODY. 

On Saturday, a friend invited us to a local school play - Shrek Jr.!!  The girls, Bubby and I went. It was great!!  I was so impressed with the acting and singing. Fun time! Of course ice cream was in order after at Carvel. 

On Sunday,  we hosted a family Superbowl Party. That's all I can say about the Superbowl without getting misty eyed. 

Sammie is continuing with her quest to be the best of the best!  She is taking 3 martial arts classes each week and helping out when asked also.

  I am also trying to find that balance again with my working out, eating right and family time. (not easy folks)

   On Thursday it was near 60 here and then blam the snow hit. It was a nice break to not wear boots and heavy coats for a day! 

For school this week we did a lot of Valentine related school work and a lot of reading.

Weekend happenings:  

Today I am hoping to get out of the house and take the kids to see the LEGO Batman Movie!  

Saturday - martial arts class in the morning and we are appliance shopping for the new kitchen in the afternoon.

Sunday - church and the girls have friends coming over for a playdate. 

In case you missed our Shining the Spotlight post on Monday here is a link to it. Great company you should check out! 

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