Make it Monday - Clothespin Pals

Happy Monday everyone. 

The eve of Valentine's Day!  Also the eve of our dog, Lilly's, first birthday! We have had her since October 1st of 2016 and still are so very happy with her.  Today I am bringing you another Make it Monday.   The craft today is easy and you might even have the supplies in your craft bin as I type this!

Supplies you will need:  glue, clothespins, scissors, a fine tip marker, felt and needle with thread. 

You first want to cut out a small square piece of felt for your hat.  Then make a rounded cut on the bottom of the square. This will help you shape the cone hat for your pal.  After that, carefully sew the hat together. I tried gluing but it did not hold. Felt does not hold well with school glue. 

After you made the hat (I made a little cuff on mine as you can see just folding it up), next you draw the little face on him and you can also cut out a scarf for your pal.  If you don't have the colored pins you can paint or use natural ones.   I did put a little glue on the "head" of the pin before I put the hat on and left it alone for a while. Seemed to stay in place. 

That is pretty much it!  I use them in my plants and on my little jars around the house. They were easy to make and sooo festive! 

Hope you have a chance to be creative this week!  Enjoy!

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