End of Summer update and dealing with loss

To say I have been a slacker on the blog posts is an understatement 8(   Things have gotten out of hand here at the farmhouse with our kitchen renovation, vacations and recently, the death of a dear best friend. 

I am just going to show you in pictures how our summer came about.....

Visits from my grandbaby and family..
Swimming (early summer - it's been cold in August)

Mothers Day and Fathers Day camping.....we found a new place on a river in the Catskills!  LOVING IT!

My mother turned 70..
Zachary turned 13...
Hubby turned 40...
Our 14th wedding anniversary...
The garden is producing like crazy..
Nature is showing off! 

Sammie worked hard for the last two years and finally achieved her Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do!

Our annual trip to Watkins Glen - Finger Lakes region of NY
NASCAR fun! 

Kitchen renovation that finally wrapped up 100%  mid- August!  We are loving it and cooking up a storm!

Field trips....outdoor concerts in our town...soaking in the summer days and nights.

Tragically our close and "bestest" friend, Brent, passed away (he is upper right above his wife, Tina)  We camped with them on Mother's Day (as usual) and he was fine...by Father's Day camping trip he had been sick with vasculitis in his legs...by mid August he passed away. This was not a terminal illness. Sadly his body could not fight all the symptoms he had at the same time.  He was in 3 different hospitals off and on.  We prayed and prayed that he would recover. As a lot of us believe, God has his own plan..It has been hard on our family as well. Our children lost an "uncle"...my husband lost his very best friend...and I lost "my other husband". The world lost a beautiful, awesome guy.  Please keep Tina and her three boys in your thoughts and prayers for the months to come. She will needing them!    

We still have several field trips, a homeschooling conference and camping trips left before the snow falls.  We start back up with our full time school schedule on October 1st. 

I hope and pray your summer was full of love! 

Until next time - be blessed!

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Teena said…
Thanks for update! Praying for all of you. Hugs
Tracy Bua Smith said…
What beautiful photos and memories! I'm sorry again about the loss of your dear friend. :'( Life is so hard to understand sometimes and in our eyes makes no sense. I hope and pray the beautiful memories of your good times will keep his spirit alive in your hearts.
I'm terribly sorry about the loss of your friend. How I hope the Lord will keep his precious family in His hands!

Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! May you use it often!

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