Science Curriculum Review - 4th grade

Today I am coming to you from our homeschool room.  I wanted to chat a minute about a wonderful new currciulum we started using from BJU Press.

Our school year starts October 1st and we school all year round.  For New York State, I have to have my IHIP (In Home Instructin Plan) in to the school district by July 1st.  It's tough sometimes to know exactly what curriculum I will be using for the next school year since we have not finished the current one at that time. This year I was just not coming up with much in way of what I was looking for. I had Science on hold for now. 


I was blessed in October to attend a homeschooling, blogging conference called 2:1.  One of the sponsors of this conference is BJU Press. In our swag bags there was a book and workbook from them that just so happened to be Science 4!  It was a gift from God - we had found our Science Curriculum!  

From the time I had gotten home from the conference (last Sunday night) until Tuesday morning when I told the girls we will be starting our new Science studies, they were chomping at the bit to get started! 

The girls are fighting over who gets to read aloud on Tuesday and Thursday (our Science days) which has never happened before!  The pictures and teachings are exactly in our wheelhouse. 

The teachers edition is so full of extras and Bible verse references. I am loving it. Not much I have to do other than read over the lesson! 

There is also a companion workbook that has exercises we do together. 

We are only a few lessons in and I can tell that we hit the jackpot with this. 

Colors are vibrant and print is perfect size for my 3rd and 5th graders. 

We will definitely be looking into the Science 5 for next year.  We are so happy with BJU Press and their Science curriculum.

I was given these books with no obligation for a review. These views are our own and we stand by them! 

Thank you BJU Press for blessing us! 

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