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Welcome friends!  If you are a first timer, thanks for stopping by...if you are an old friend, welcome and nice to see you back!  You might have noticed a BIG change here on the blog...our name has changed from The Joys of Home Educating to Woodwater Farmhouse.  If you want some background on the reason why, then check out this post. 

Last Sunday our church had what they called Pumpkin Sunday.  They had pumpkin flavored coffee in the cafe, pumpkins around the church and this beautiful display for families to take pictures in the entry way. You betcha I took advantage of that. All my kiddos looking fairly nice and all together. What where they going to do, argue with me in church?!

Daddy helped carve the pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns until it poured rain down on us and we dashed inside with everything in tow. 

 Molly and Samantha dressed up for a haunted house over at Sam's marital arts center and we trick-or-treated for about 30 mins. Enough to get about a cereal bowl full of candy.  Molly made her own "black bride" costume in sewing class. 

This was the first year that Zachary decided not to participate in any of the Halloween festivities.

It has been unseasonably warm on and off for the last two weeks. We have had an infestation of ladybugs in and out of the house. Kinda gross I know. What is a mom to do?  They will die off and leave us all their shells and a mess to clean up. On a positive note, the dog has been busy trying to catch them, which is keeping her busy.

It was our last week of soccer practices this week. Being in a new town, with new coaches and new surroundings has been an adjustment for the kiddos. They made a few fair weather friends and had a great time playing.  Last games are Saturday, but I wont be able to attend as I am hosting my DIL's baby shower tomorrow! 

What you might have missed at Woodwater Farmhouse this week...

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It's a busy weekend with cleaning, party prep, girls night out and church.  Overnight guest at the farmhouse and soccer games. I hope you enjoy your weekend and be blessed!

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Jennifer said…
I'm brand new here. I'm heading to the "why I changed my blog name" post. I'm interested in the why.
We used to get box elder bugs every year--inside and out. :) They are just as harmless as ladybugs, but I think the ladybugs are prettier.
It was funny to hear you say about the infestation of ladybugs. In the UK we all try to preserve their environment to encourage more of them :)
I love your new blog look!
mrsthurin said…
What a great week! Funny about the lady bugs but sort of cool.. hahaha. My daughter just has a her baby shower last Saturday as well. God bless you :-)

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