Farmhouse Friday No. 3

Welcome to the third issue of Farmhouse Friday where I share our homeschool and week at the farmhouse.

Last weekend hubby and I went to a surprise 50th birthday for a close friend. It was at a local distillery. I had never been to a distillery before and it was quit interesting to hear the process in which they make their grain alcohol. Personally, I am not a fan of these types of alcohol but never the less learned all I could.   It was a rustic farm like setting, perfect for the birthday boy.  We snacked on great food and shared some fellowship.   After the party,  we picked up  my mother and went and found our Christmas trees. 

We are all decked out for the holidays here at Woodwater Farmhouse.  Lots of fun themed book reading going on. Board games and Christmas movies happening.  We have not gotten into our baking modes yet, but rest assured it will come.  

If  I may talk frank here with you friends, the kids have been less than cheerful and bright.  I have had several "coming to Jesus" meetings with them all and if they don't shape up...things are a changin'. 

In case you missed it, we had another installment of Shining the Spotlight for December. This month we were shouting out about Finding Home Farms.  Here is a link in case you missed it. 

Sorry it's a short post this week....busy times...and we are on grand baby watch!  Fingers crossed and prayers are needed!  

Enjoy your wekeend.  We have a fun packed one planned with our BFF's who are in from out of town.  Enjoy your holidays!

Be blessed!

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Caroline said…
All well with the world. Kids will be kids and they too will come around.

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